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What is a Wishbone Flyer?

Wishbone Flyer dog ball launcher makes balls soar! It's like a slingshot, but safer. It's big: 21" tall by 9 1/2" wide. Its quad power bands make it powerful yet balanced. It mounts solidly to the outside of your deck without making or drilling holes, using non-marring removable mounting brackets.

Imagine your dog bounding across your back yard in anticipation of catching that ball you are about to launch. Her tail wagging and her eyes wide waiting for that ball to come flying past. The smile on your face seeing what a blast she’s having is priceless.

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Made In USA

Made in USA

The Wishbone Flyer is designed and manufactured in New Hampshire, USA of 100% USA materials.

We dedicated years of research and development to produce the highest-quality longest-lasting product possible. Every part is designed to withstand the tremendous stress of launching these heavy balls over and over. We guarantee it.

There are lots of hand-held products on the market for launching tennis balls. But there's nothing like the family-safe deck-mounted Wishbone Flyers dog ball launcher for quality and durability.


With the Wishbone Flyer dog ball launcher, you, your family and your friends will have a blast making balls soar. In the over two years it's been in development, people from ages 5 to 80 have had tons of fun with it. Young and old alike can send tennis balls, Kong® balls, or rubber balls flying into the air for your dog to chase and catch. Playing with your dogs makes backyard barbeques, family reunions and celebrations more interactive and just plain fun. Your friends will line up to play with the dogs with the Wishbone Flyer dog ball launcher.

Try sending them high for catching. Try sending them low for bounces. Aim for a tree for directional changes. Who can send the ball the farthest? Who can send the ball the highest? The options are endless.

And the dogs just don't quit! We have two dogs, one who is very ball-focused and the other likes to chase the ball-focused one. Talk about an exercise regimen! Sometimes you just can't take a walk due to weather or time constraints, but the Wishbone Flyer dog ball launcher is just a door away and will give your dog (or dogs) the needed energy release anytime of the day. Of course, your dog may never tire of the fun, we don't think our dogs have found their limits yet!

Imagine the possibilities for your Golden Retriever, German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever! Even hound dogs, terriers and boxers have joined in the fun. We'd love for your dog to join in the fun!


The Wishbone Flyers dog ball launcher is more than a toy. Launching heavy dog toys over and over and over puts a lot of stress on every part, so we carefully engineered each part to be strong and durable.


The wishbone itself is made of high strength UV-resistant nylon, which is two and a half times stronger than ABS plastic, stronger even than PVC. It is amazingly flexible, adding to its launching power, but does not break.


No part of the Wishbone Flyers takes more stress than the pocket. So the large pocket is made from polyester dive mesh, which is strong and quick drying, and resists mildew, abrasion, shrinking and stretching. It holds up well under constant exposure to sunlight. To stand up under the stress of heavy ball launching, the pocket is trimmed on all four sides, front and back, with lightweight polypropylene webbing, stitched all around. The holes for the power bands are reinforced with brass grommets.The central body of the launcher is made of high-quality furniture-grade UV-resistant PVC.

Power Bands

The quad power bands are made of natural latex rubber tubing which is made by a continuous dip process. This creates a stronger tubing that resists tearing more than extruded tubing or tubing manufactured from dry natural or synthetic materials.


The custom-designed brackets are made of strong ABS plastic in a reinforced design that is rock-solid in use. The channels for the deck post straps go right through the bracket so the brackets cannot become disconnected.


We put a great deal of thought into the safety aspects of the Wishbone Flyers dog ball launcher, so that it is not only easy to use, it is safe as well. It is safer than a slingshot. The deck mount allows you to change direction of the ball towards your backyard but cannot be aimed back onto your deck or directly below it. The highly durable nylon wishbone is strong and flexible and easily handles the pull of the slingshot. If you pull too hard, the specially designed clips will release rather than allow the wishbone to break. The open mesh pocket makes it difficult to launch very small objects.

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